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Welcome to the Ministry of Magic - a Harry Potter community! Our goal is to bring together fans of the Harry Potter books and movies worldwide. Take a look around the community - and if you like what you see, feel free to join!


January 1, 2003

1) Do NOT give away any information from the books or movies that may be surprising to some fans who have not yet finished reading or seeing them. If you wish to talk about this type of information, warn readers of this LJ by posting a warning in the subject or by using the LJ-cut tag. (Learn how to below)
2) No fighting between members. Everyone has their own opinions - and if you disagree, express yourself in a kind and mature manner.
3) Those who post hate messages, severe rude comments, or spam will be banned from the community.
4) Large graphics must be posted using the LJ-cut tag.
5) No cross-posting.

How to Post:
1) You must be a member to post in this community. To read more on joining, click here.
2) One option to post is to download the latest LJ client. Inside the client you should see a menu named "LiveJournal," and under this should be the option of "Select Active Journal." If you're allowed to post to a community, you should see the name of that community in the scroll box provided. Click on the one you wish to post in.
3) If you don't have access to a LJ client, click here once you are logged in. In the drop-down list titled "Journal to Post in," select the community in which you want to post.

LJ-Cut Tag:
1) To begin the code, type the following:
<*lj-cut text="whatever you want the link to say"*>
2) Then type the information you wanted to be seen separately.
3) To end the code (and/or to keep typing the rest of your entry), type the following:
4) Take out the stars I listed, or else the code will not work.

I am in no way affiliated with Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling, and/or Warner Bros - neither is this community.